CARS spectra fitting algorithm

Our easy-to-use CARS solution

Are you searching for an efficient way to process your CARS data? MARSFT is our in-house solution to fast and accurate spectral fitting.

What is MARSFT?

MARSFT is an open-source fitting tool for coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectra (CARS). It is written in MATLAB and uses the optimization toolbox.

It uses a loss-less compression scheme for a library based evaluation with a genetic algorithm for efficient fitting.

As of right now, MARSFT supports ro-vibrational N2-CARS, an extension to further species and pure rotational CARS is planned.

Download, license and citation

You can download and/or pull MARSFT from our designated Github page: MARSFT on Github.

The code uses the MIT-license and is therefore open-source.

Please cite MARSFT when using it

When using the code (or any part of it) for a publication, please cite the publication associated with this code (available via open access):

Greifenstein M., Dreizler A.: MARSFT: Efficient fitting of CARS spectra using a library based genetic algorithm. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy (2021).