Structure & research groups

The Institute of Reactive Flows and Diagnostics is structured into four collaborative research groups. In the field of experimental investigations of reactive flows, the entire spectrum from the physico-chemical fundamentals to the application in real-world systems is covered.

Combustion principles

  Name Contact
Prof. Dr. habil. Andreas Dreizler
+49 6151 16-28920
L1|08 101

Applied Thermochemical Energy Converters

  Name Contact
Dr.-Ing Benjamin Böhm
Academic Councilor
+49 6151 16-28913
L1|08 103

High Temperature Process Diagnostics

  Name Contact
Dr. rer. nat. Steven Wagner
Research Group Leader HTPD
+49 6151 16-28925
L1|08 109

Modelling and Simulation of Technical Energy Systems

  Name Contact
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Amsini Sadiki
+49 6151 16-28914
L1|08 128

Chemical reaction engineering of catalytic processes

  Name Contact
Prof. Dr. Martin Votsmeier
Kooperationsprofessur Chemische Reaktionstechnik katalytischer Prozesse
+49 6151 16-25580
L2|04 E1