Reactive Flows and Diagnostics

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Reactive Flows and Diagnostics of the department of Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt

At RSM, we focus on the research of clean and sustainable energy conversion relevant to power generation, mobility, and chemical engineering. Using advanced laser diagnostics, we measure the physical and chemical properties of reactive flows in carefully designed experiments. Our data sets provide a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of complex interactions between flow and chemistry. Furthermore, they allow the generation and optimization of models used in numerical simulations.

Prof. Andreas Dreizler,
Head of RSM

We investigate the foundations for the clean energy converters of tomorrow. For this, we apply cutting-edge laser diagnostics to look into the physics and chemistry of engineering applications. Our ultimate goal is to increase the efficiency of technical systems while minimizing pollutant emissions.

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October 23rd, 2020, Darmstadt, Germany

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Vorstellung der Fachgebiete RSM & STFS an der TU Darmstadt