RSM media library

On this page you can find a listing of videos about RSM.

Project B4 – CRC 129 Oxyflame

Detailed experimental investigation and characterisation of oxy-fuel biomass burners via laser-optical methods

Principal investigator at RSM:

Prof. Andreas Dreizler

Scientific assistant at RSM:

M.Sc. Henrik Schneider

Project B5 – CRC 129 Oxyflame

Robust absorption-spectroscopic diagnostics for biomass combustion: measurement methods for gas species, gas temperatures and particle loading

Principal investigator at RSM:

Dr. Steven Wagner

Scientific assistant at RSM:

M.Sc. Johannes Emmert

Project B7 – CRC 129 Oxyflame

Investigation of ignition and combustion processes of solid fuel particles under oxy-fuel conditions

Principal investigator at RSM:

Dr. Benjamin Böhm

Scientific assistant at RSM:

M.Sc. Christopher Geschwindner

Forschung für eine klimaneutrale Zukunft – TU Darmstadt & RSM

Die TU Darmstadt versteht die Forschung zur Energiewende als gesellschaftlichen Auftrag. Das RSM ist hierbei eines der zentralen Fachgebieten, an denen an den Transformationslösungen von morgen geforscht wird.

Vorstellung der Fachgebiete RSM & STFS an der TU Darmstadt

Short video about RSM and STFS and their work.

Digital lecture for the Combustion Institute: Prof. Dreizler

In this lecture the different fields of applications of laser diagnostics are discussed and exemplified by most recent developments. The topics span from investigation of fundamental phenomena, validation experiments, technology development towards robust sensing.

Reaktive Strömungen und Messtechnik – Institute Presentation

Presentation of our institute given by Prof. Andreas Dreizler

How to Brew the Perfect Coffee With myRIO

National Instruments visits our institute to check out our Labview course and how we teach students to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

PIV of solid fuel combustion – Oxy-fuel burner

Researchers at TU Darmstadt are studying the future of solid fuel power plants which are ready to employ CO2 storage of their fuel gas using the Oxy-fuel combustion method.

In this video, we employ the PIV method to measure the velocity of particles and their surrounding gas phase which helps simulations in need of validation data.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Awardee 2014 – Prof. Dr. Andreas Dreizler

Short introduction into RSM and Prof. Dreizler's research focus as he was awarded the 2014 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize

The optically accessible engine (2012)

Investigating combustion processes inside the running engine

IC Engine Research – RSM TU Darmstadt

Investigating physical processes with advanced optical diagnostics on an optically accessible research engine