Reactive Flows and Diagnostics

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Reactive Flows and Diagnostics


(Reaktive Strömungen und Messtechnik, RSM)

The Institute Reactive Flows and Diagnostics is embedded in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Technische Universität Darmstadt. It was founded in June 2008 as part of the DFG Cluster of Excellence Smart Interfaces. The mission of the Institute is the investigation of chemically reactive flows related to energy and process engineering as well as the education in this topical area at all academic levels.

Our research focus

Chemically reactive flows play a major role in a variety of processes with practical relevance. Prominent examples are combustion processes for power generation, aero engines, internal combustion engines and heterogeneous catalysis. Chemical conversion processes appear typically in connection with turbulent fluid flows. Due to overlapping time scales these transport-reaction processes are strongly coupled. Additional complexity arises from momentum, heat and mass transfer processes related to phase change and interactions with solid walls. In this challenging research field we follow an experimental approach that supports a detailed understanding of these multi-physics processes. Our worldwide cooperation with scientists specialised in modelling and numerical simulation ensures a holistic approach.


Following an experimental approach for investigating chemically reactive flows, our expertise is in the field of advanced laser-optical diagnostics and in designing and operating benchmark experiments. Laser-optical measurement techniques allow for minimal invasive in situ measurement of various relevant parameters at high temporal and spatial resolution. We develop new and adapt existing methods for the special needs in our community. These advanced diagnostics are applied to chemically reactive flows of increasing complexity. Our experimental facilities cover the full range between the investigation of single phenomena and coupled processes in semi-industrial devices.


The Institute Reactive Flows and Diagnostics offers different courses in the field of measurement technologies, data acquisition, statistical analysis and chemically reactive flows. These courses cover the range from basic knowledge to practical experience. In addition we contribute to training of engineers at summer schools and seminars.