Teaching of the Institute Reactive Flows and Diagnostics comprises courses at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. These courses cover basic knowledge in measurement technology and data post-processing, transfer to practice and advancing skills both in measurement technology and chemically reactive flows.

About our teaching program


Basics of measurement technologies, sensors and statistical analysis are taught in a course which is mandatory for students in mechanical engineering at Technische Universität Darmstadt. A specialization in laser measurement technologies based on quantum mechanics and spectroscopy complements this basic knowledge. A transfer of theoretical skills to practical experience is offered. This includes practical work and data acquisition by using LabView.

ADP (Advanced Design Project)

Advanced Design Projects are covering the design of any types of test rigs, test rig components and instrumentations needed to experimentally investigate chemically reactive flows by advanced measurement technologies. Results of Advanced Design Projects are typically included to ongoing research projects of the institute. These projects are handled in a small team of students.

ARP (Advanced Research Project)

Advanced Research Projects involve small teams of students in ongoing research projects. Typically this includes conducting an experiment, post-processing the data and evaluating the results.

Bachelor and Master Theses

Bachelor and Master theses are offered in a wide range of topics related to our research in chemically reactive flows. For exploring present opportunities, please contact Dr. B. Böhm (bboehm@ekt.tu-darmstadt.de) and Dr. S. Wagner (wagner@rsm.tu-darmstadt.de).


At the weekly seminar (Monday at 9 am) Ph.D. candidates of the Institute report on their scientific progress. The seminar is conjointly organized with the Institute of Simulation of Reactive Thermo-Fluid Systems (Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. Hasse). Guests are welcome!

Guests and External Researchers staying for a research visit offer seminar talks upon announcement, typically at Monday afternoon.

Internship Offers from Industry Partners

Industry partners of RSM regularly post open positions for internships and full-time jobs in the areas of research, design, systems control, and many more. Explore the open and previous positions for possible opportunities to gain experience in industry or to begin your career.

International lectures

NCCRD@IITM-Experiments in Turbulent Combustion by Prof. Andreas Dreizler

NCCRD@IITM-Laser diagnostic methods by Prof. Andreas Dreizler

NCCRD@IITM-Advanced Laser-based Thermometry by Prof. Andreas Dreizler

NCCRD@IITM-Coherent anti-stokes Raman Spectroscopy by Prof. Andreas Dreizler

NCCRD@IITM-Near-Wall Reactive Flows by Prof. Andreas Dreizler

2017 Princeton – CEFRC Combustion Summer School, Advanced Laser Diagnostics in Combustion by Prof. Dreizler