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Fuel injection in the transcritical and supercritical regime is of increasing importance. Applications of interest are supercharged internal combustion engines or gas turbine combustors operating at increased pressure levels. Approaching the transcritical and supercritical regime the dynamic evolution of drops and jets towards a diffusive interface is not well understood. This lack of knowledge so far impeded the development of physically consistent evaporation models. This project aims to provide insights into drop thermodynamics under transcritical conditions. Drop dynamics are being investigated using laser spectroscopic measurement techniques, such as Raman scattering and laser induced fluorescence. Based on these experimental results, evaluation of different evaporation models is carried out in cooperation with ITLR at University Stuttgart to improve modelling for simulations.


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Steinhausen, C., Lamanna, G., Weigand, B., Stierle, R., Groß, J., Preusche, A., Dreizler, A.: Experimental Investigation of Droplet Injections in the Vicinity of the Critical Point: A comparison of different model approaches. 28th Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Valencia, Spain, 2017.