M.Sc. Mohamed Abdallah Bassiony


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Work L6|01 309
Otto-Berndt-Str. 3
64287 Darmstadt

  • Alternative fuels
  • Turbulent Combustion
  • Combustion characteristics
  • Engine emissions

Improving energy efficiency with less greenhouse-gas pollution has become a major challenge with the rapid increase in world population. Therefore, alternative energy sources have received increasing attention recently. In this respect, CO2-free combustion liquid e-fuels (OME, DMC), have considered as one of the most promising renewable clean fuels in automobile industry. However, engine performance, combustion characteristics and exhaust emissions are yet to be analyzed in details to obtain a clear understanding before implementing this alternative fuel in a wide scale.

Our research scope focuses on soot emissions measurements in terms of soot particle sizing, volume fraction, specific soot properties and maturity. This work aims to apply non-intrusive laser diagnostics method. Laser-induced incandescence (LII) is one such diagnostic technique that is commonly used for flame soot characterization. Additionally, light extinction optical method will be utilized in combination with LII for quantitative soot volume fraction measurements.