Measurement Technology in Mechanical Engineering


Contents of teaching

Lectures as well as practical courses are offered. Manuals for the lab course will be placed on this website.

  • Introduction to the lecture, purpose of measuring, physical magnitudes, standards and guidelines, precision and accuracy
  • Introduction to Labview
  • Measurement chains, amplification/ attenuation, modulation of measuring chains and usable dynamic range, filters, oszilloscopes, A/D converter
  • Estimation of the measurement uncertainty according to ISO-Standard, Sources of errors, error succession, avoidable and unavoidable errors, computational compensation of unavoidable errors, statistics, statistic errors, dynamic behaviour
  • Sensors
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)


Further information

Moodle MSS SoSe 2020

Moodle MSS SoSe 2021 “Available from 01.04.2021”