Introduction to chemical process engineering with programming tasks

Introduction to chemical process engineering with programming tasks

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Martin Votsmeier

Credits: 6CP

Course contents

The course offers students the opportunity to gain experience in MATLAB programming. For this purpose, students work independently on programming projects in the field of chemical engineering. All process engineering knowledge required to solve the programming projects is taught in the course. The course thus offers the mechanical engineer a compact hands-on introduction to chemical process engineering.

The course is offered for mechanical engineers and chemists, and therefore imparts not only the technical contents but also experience in working in an interdisciplinary working environment.

The course provides the following knowledge and skills:

Programming in MATLAB

Introduction to process engineering:

  • Thermodynamics/Chemical Equilibria
  • Kinetics of chemical reactions
  • Basic types of chemical reactors
  • Dwell time distributions
  • Transport phenomena in chemical reactors
  • Interaction of diffusion and reaction
  • Modelling of chemical reactors

Qualification objectives / learning outcomes

After the students have successfully completed the course unit, they should be able to

1. solve programming tasks independently in Matlab

2. have acquired a deeper understanding of the topics dealt with in the programming projects

Further Informationen

The course will be held in SS 2020 as a digital course using zoom.

The course is offered in the departments of mechanical engineering and chemistry and is limited to 24 participants.