Experiments in Fluids Webinar: RSM presents new study on laser-based turbulent flow diagnostics

Ultra-high-speed measurements in turbulent flows conducted with a fiber laser

2022/06/14 by

Reliable measurements of flow fields are necessary to gain a deeper understanding of many processes in nature and engineering. The results and possibilities of an improved method developed at the RSM have been published in the journal Experiments in Fluids and will be presented in the journal's own webinar.

In the bi-weekly webinar of the journal Experiments in Fluids, the RSM presents latest results on high-speed measurements of turbulent flows using a fiber laser. Access to the webinar is granted by registration only.

21. Juni 2022, 16:00 Uhr (CET):
Teaser Presentation
Christopher Geschwindner , TU Darmstadt, Germany

Research article

Geschwindner, C., Westrup, K., Dreizler, A. et al.: Ultra-high-speed time-resolved PIV of turbulent flows using a continuously pulsing fiber laser. Exp Fluids 63, 75 (2022)

Open access to paper

Video recording of the seminar

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