Professor Dreizler in Discourse over Energy Supply

The First E+E Discourse Took Place on December 1, 2022


In the first discourse of the research field Energy + Environment (E+E), moderated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Pelz in the Lichtenberghaus, innovative energy projects were presented and topics such as scarcity of raw materials, opportunities and risks of nuclear fusion, as well as prerequisites for innovations in Germany and Europe were discussed. The project “SolarRetrofit” (Ulrich Hueck, Siemens), which is based on the idea of Desertec, was presented as well as the cluster project “Clean Circles”, which deals with the storage of energy using iron (Prof. Dr. Andreas Dreizler, TU Darmstadt). Other guests included Prof. Dr. Markus Roth, founder of Focused Energy, and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kramm from the collaborative research center “Iron, Upgraded!”.

The Youtube video can be found below or under this link.

Full Video of the Event

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