Video presentation of subprojects of the CRC 150

Short video introductions of the research conducted at RSM on chemically reacting flows near walls.

2022/06/04 by

The interaction of chemistry and flow near walls allows an improved fundamental understanding of many energy conversion applications in engineering.

The work of the subprojects of the SFB/TRR 150 is presented in short videos. Three of the projects, A04, A05, and C01, are located at the Institute of Reactive Flows and Diagnostics.

In the CRC/TRR 150, scientists from TU Darmstadt and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology jointly develop the scientific fundamentals and models for chemical reaction kinetics, complex multi-phase flows, transient heat transfer near walls, and turbulence-chemistry-wall interaction.

Project A04

Detailed experimental investigation of thermo-kinetic and fluid mechanical properties of flame-wall interactions

Principal investigator at RSM:
Prof. Andreas Dreizler

Scientific assistants at RSM:
Dr.-Ing. Florian Zentgraf
M.Sc. Pascal Johe

Project A05

Measurement of thermochemical parameters in gas phase layers and liquid phase films using laser absorption spectroscopy

Principal investigator at RSM:
Dr. rer. nat. Steven Wagner

Scientific assistant at RSM:
M.Sc. Anna Schmidt

Project C01

Experimental characterization of in-cylinder near-wall flow and combustion processes

Principal investigator at RSM:
Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Böhm

Scientific assistants at RSM:
M.Sc. Marius Schmidt